electric arctic land trains

In the 1950s the LeTourneau company developed several overland trains, essentially oversized semi-trailer trucks that could travel over almost any terrain. huge monster trucks that could haul more than a hundred tons of supplies over sand or snow. The kicker: it was a hybrid-electric with many of the same features of the latest military prototypes. The TC-497 “Overland Train,” designed by earthmoving pioneer R.G. Letourneau, was briefly used to supply Alaskan radar stations and construct remote oil pipelines.

in 1060 they build the six-wheeled TC-497 Overland Train MkII which used four Solar gas-turbine engines to spin generators that delivered juice to 54 total motors – one for each of its wheels. it could only carry 150 tons of freight.

its same they does build this kind of trucks/ trains anymore. you can watch it just in museums. the design looks very much like syd mead illustration !

he 1954 TC-264 Sno-Buggy, an eight-wheeled super-sized Tonka toy that used a butane-fired Allison engine to run the generators that fed power to four electric motors. A four-wheeled, non-powered trailer went with it.

source 1 just a car guy blog ; source 2 hemmingsblog
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