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extreme lucky situation in movies and real life

some movies, there are situations with extreme lucky coincidences. example: gravity when tiny debris hits the little international space station over and over again. the chances are millions to 1 likely to happen. ok, its a movie and imaginary situation make most of good stories in film.

but sometimes real life even more lucky situations. how about the changes for duck family to pass a busy highway ?

i said it before and say it again. no movies is crazier than real live !

Effect of twinstick shooters

I like twinstickshooters or oldschool arcade games. The reason is simple : because they are simply!  You don’t need think when you playing this kind of game. It’s pure visual processing and reaction. What i mean, all you need to do watch the screen and react with the controller. After stressful day at work, your mind is spinning.

Turn on the game, turn off the brain. 

After intense gaming, your may feel refresh in your mind. Maybe your exos but your head is clear again.  It has same effect like meditation, which is art of thinking nothing. We always thinking, all the time, its impossible to have no thoughts. When you playing this simple games, our brain things “it’s always the same, shooting, move die, level up! I am out there!”  our dominant left brain (or right brain if you are left handed) give the controls the other part of the brain. The other side of the brain works visually and don’t know/have thoughts. After the playtime, our dominant brain comes back and feels refreshed and stronger, because it had 30min. break of its 24/7 job. Meditation would be better because both of the brain get a break, but to master this is unlikely much difficult and less fun !

Here is my personal top 3 twinstickshooters:


1. Geometry wars galaxy (Nintendo wii, xbox)

Simple graphics but insane amount of visual action.  Millions exploding particles abd fast action.  High score hunting and mastering all gamemodes could take years to master.

2. Super stardust HD (playstation, vita)

In Super Stardust HD, the player controls a space fighter craft that can move in any direction on a spherical shield surrounding a planet. The primary threats against the player are three types of asteroids and various enemy spacecraft, which appear on the playfield at certain time intervals.

3. Ballistic and Inferno+ (iphone, andriod, PC, Mac)

Both games Develop from radian games. Ballistic SE is an intense twin-stick arcade shooter!  Blast thru endless waves and 5 timed challenges, enhance your ship in 10 categories. Inferno+ is a beautiful twin-stick action-RPG.  Blast your way through 40 atmospheric levels.  Explore the gauntlet of stylish environments, destroy hordes of enemies, and upgrade your ship along the way.

old school arcade football

I with football i mean the game,  you play with ball and foot. Recently i discovered the game natural soccer. Basically a remake of old amiga game kickoff from dino dini.
I can’t count the endless hours i played with friends thus game. Kickoff is game history, the first soccer game with tried new approach. The ball wasn’t stick to foot. Its easy to learn but difficult to master. It was 1989 long before EA’ FIFA or pro evolution soccer. Dino did listen the market or publisher, you did this idea of football game. he did this strong and brave choices. they brought the soccer gene to new level.

I love pro evolution soccer but the button combination are to complex, its tough learning curve to master it in game. And if haven’t played for while you forget it and you start over again. its really good soccer simulation and its fun to play. Even you play the game without all complex combinations, just bash the button’s. you enjoyable to play and its looks great. But it also gets boring after while when not learn the button combinations. Kick off was realistic but the gameplay just needed one button,  thats all ! the aftertouch of the ball give much control over shooting than newest football simulator like FIFA. The graphics is minimalistic but you had good overview. When score and make good game you can much better success feeling. you feel you actually did it and not automatic game-mechanics.

Even today there kickoff2 world championships, over long term its more fun and you pick up the gameplay right away, even after months without playing. lucky now with natural soccer we can play this old school arcade football again. maybe i am too old for new generation software or just haven’t enough time or i am just nostalgic, what ever: GAME ON !

Memory, Moments and social networks

Now,  i am father and realize how many picture exits of our baby. Just take a look at Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr how many pictures of toddlers and kids exits. Same people even have public blogs and document each part of life of thier children. I can’t imagine how the kids will feel when they become teenagers or young adults and find thier embarrassing baby pictures all over the Internet.

Ok, back in the old Days, its was not easy to take pictures, our parents had just film cameras and this was not easy process with develop and printing. I guess our parents would do the same if they had smartphones. from my childhood, we just have few pictures in a shoebox. They are precious to us, because we just have not much documents left from our childhood (expect our own memories of course).
I doing my own travel blog and its nice to browse through my own blog and remember my adventures.  But this is my own choice. Our kids will find thier childhood public in the Internet without being asked. For me, i switch my  family pictures to private on my blog, only people i choose can see it. later, It will give my child to choose, if they like the picture to be public or not. most of all, i feel pity for all the youtube babies and thier parent with 5 seconds-internet-fame desire.

 If the pictures are public, it could be dangerous and used against this person, easily. Our generation should be more careful with new social media platforms.  Our parents didn’t put our photos on a streetpost ! That’s basically what we doing right now.

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